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HDK Launches New MERV 11

When mechanical filtration is necessary vs electrostatic, you can reply on HDK’s new high performance MERV 11.  Contact your sales representative now for further details.

New Employees

Please welcome Bob Sanders and Crystal Calton to HDK   Bob Sanders will be joining HDK as the Research and Development Manager on November 5th.  Bob joins us with over 30 years of nonwoven process and development experience and is responsible for managing our R&D efforts going forward.  Bob currently resides in New Hampshire and […]

HDK Launches New Nonwoven Web Adhesive

Exclusively by HDK, nonwoven web adhesives are typically used in composites and act as the bonding layer.  The nonwoven can either replace an existing scrim or simply add to the strength of the final product.  Adhesive powders can be applied to either one or both sides of the nonwoven, depending on the final application.